Sunday, December 25, 2011


Lydia makes friends everywhere she goes!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I grew up with Ellio's frozen pizza there are 3 little rectangles in a sheet that break apart, you cook them in the oven it looks like the nasty pizza we used to get in school but you cook it until the cheese is brown and bubbly and it is oh so good!

I haven't had it in years.  When I was expecting Lydia in 2008 in Georgia I craved it all the time.  They didn't sell it in South Georgia!

We moved to North West Florida in 2009 and they didn't sell it there either!

Now that we live in South Florida (which while geographically further south isn't The South anymore - but I digress) I just downloaded the savingstar app on my phone and there was a coupon for Ellio's.  Winn Dixie carries it!  I AM SO EXCITED!  LOL

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Bogo dinner to say farewell to dear friends. Bittersweet. Thankful that Christians never have to say goodbye, we will see each other in Heaven.

By the way, we're moving in two days.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Smart phone

Frugal Frann's daughter got a smart phone - and she is blogging from it right now. Before you think I've lost my mind - I got the iPhone 3GS. AT&T offered it free and I only had to up my data plan by $5 a month. I already installed 14 FREE apps including kindle and got a free download of "Little women". I am pretty psyched about it!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Free today from CVS.  I scanned my Extra Care Card at the "Magic Coupon Machine" and out shot a coupon for a free illy espresso drink!  YUM!


Those annoying commercials! 

What if they actually PAID you for watching them?

Enter Jingit!

They pay anywhere from 5 cents to $1.60+ for watching ads! 

Out of your earnings you pay $2 for a Visa Debit Card which you can then load with your earnings and use anywhere! 

Pretty Cool, Huh? 

Check it out!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SaveMore at CVS

We all know there are a bajillion "daily deal" sites akin to groupon, and I am signed up for half of them.  Today's REALLY got my eye.

a $10 CVS Gift Card for $5!  Check it out!


I just bought today's deal for CVS/pharmacy. I thought you might be interested in it too.

$5 for $10 CVS/pharmacy Gift Card:

This deal is almost over, so check it out now.

P.S. You'll receive $1 for signing up.

Monday, October 10, 2011

would you mind?

My friend Kristen has her daughter in a contest, would you vote for little Gianna? 

If you haven't yet done so, please vote for her! 'Like' Enza's Bargains on FB first then go to the link and click 'i did this' where it says to 'like' the page and also where it says to vote for baby 39 (thats Gianna). Please help her win!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

shampoo cost versus performance

I am the youngest of 4 girls.  (I am just in the second half of my 30's)  Growing up, we used whatever shampoo my mon had in the house.  Generally the cheapest kind, White Rain, VO5, Suave.  If we wanted something different we had to use our own money to buy it.  Becky's favorite was the Suave Strawberry shampoo and conditioner.  (This was the 80's) and Kim who always had the more expensive taste, her shampoo of choice was Silkience.  Boy, I knew Kim would freak out if I used her shampoo! 

I could pretty much use anything, but in High School (after I started coloring my hair) I liked to use Aussie (that is what the rich popular girls used, and while I wasn't popular - using my income from my job to splurge on a bottle of shampoo was doable).

As I got older and colored my hair more and more damaged (I'm talking bleaching 5 times in one day to get the purple out so I could dye it green then falling out in chunks damage) I needed to use 'Salon' products, Biolage, Paul Mitchell and the like. 

I stopped coloring my hair 'crazy colors' in 1997, and stopped coloring it all together in 2001 (no gray yet, so I'll enjoy my natural color as long as I can)  If you didn't know me you'd have no clue how badly damaged my hair was.

I still liked to save money so I would buy whatever 'good' drugstore shampoo was on sale. (SunSilk, Herbal Essence)  After I stopped working and we lost an income, then had a baby I needed to save every penny possible.  I generally buy the 32 oz Suave Professionals for $3.  It really does work pretty good. 

Yesterday I was in Big Lots and needed shampoo.  They had a 33+ oz bottle of (Kim's old expensive favorite from the 80's) Silkience for $2!  I grabbed it, excited to try it!

In the shower this morning as I squeezed it into my palm, I noticed how "watery" it felt, and as I massaged it into my scalp it didn't suds up like I'm used to.  I'm sure my hair is clean, but I don't use any other products, and I didn't like the way my hair felt while I was rinsing it out.  I'm not going to be wasteful, so I'll finish it up, but I am not happy with the perfomance especially from what used to be an "Expensive" shampoo!

What is more important to you when it comes to shampoo?  Frugality, or results?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Apple, Apple A A A

Lydia sings this song every week at speech therapy.  Today she burst out with it on her own!

I was cracking up - she started Apple, Apple, A A A, then she went Baby, Baby A A A.  LOL!  She's TRYING though instead of just saying "DAH" to everything, so this is HUGE!  She is behind other kids her age, but compared to where she was 6 months ago - AMAZING!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

so, I've got these feet.... They're the only ones I have and they tell a story. 
a story of a childhood in NJ where I couldn't go barefoot outside until the first day of summer.

carried me through teenage years in (fake) Birkenstocks and dirty heels.

my 20's in steel toe Doc Marten's and red suede Etnies.

the first half of my 30's (nearly all of them) in sneakers. 

I have heel spurs and plantar fasciaitis.  I have orthotics in my Easy Spirits.

I have not had a pedicure in years.  I've always had rough heels.

lately (disgustingly) I've noticed my soles of my feet cracking.  so gross.  I have tried EVERYTHING. 

today I got:

It came from Amazon while I was at the Dr.  I can't wait to try it!  I will let you know how it works.

They're my only feet.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Superpoints invite  I can't believe I got 25 on a spin two days in a row!  If you'd like to sign up, this invitation is good for 48 hours.  I've been cashing out to paypal every week.  It isn't much, but it helps!  You can also get, Starbucks, Dominos Pizza and others!  It is by far the easiest earning program I've done. (I've been using some for about 15 years)  You click the Super Lucky Button and wait to see if you win.  Easy as Pie!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Superpoints invite

****GONE***** If you would like an invite, just let me know! Good for 48 hours only.  Superpoints is invite only, it is very easy, and you can earn all kinds of goodies.  Paypal (to help with those bills or a splurge) Starbucks (for your fix) Amazon (for ANYTHING really) and much more.

This invite will get you an automatic 25 points to start out, but it is only good for a limited time.  Hurry!  First come first serve!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Are you a member of Superpoints?  Would you like to be?  It is invite only.

Right here is an invitation  If you accept it, you automatically get 25 points.  You can cash out for all kinds of prizes.  Paypal,, Starbucks. 

After you sign up, on the home page see "get points"?  Click there and the third option down is "Super Lucky Button" click there and you will see a circle, akin to a wheel at the fair or boardwalk.  Click it and you get a chance to win.  It is that easy!

If the above invitation is already taken here are some more:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Christians and Alternative Medicine

I don't have much experience with alternative medicine.  Long before I was saved I used to shop in those "New Age" shops.  I bought crystals, (that were supposed to heal) Incense, herbs and books.  I even once bought a "dream pillow"  you were supposed to keep it under your pillow when you slept.  I had terrible nightmares until I tossed it.

I liked to get books that would "decipher your dreams."  I read my horoscope (just for fun) and played with a ouija board. I even went to a psychic a few times.  I was not a Christian but many of these things frightened me at the time.  I was dealing with the enemy and didn't even realize it.

I am currently reading a book by someone who has dealt with alternative medicine.  It is eye opening.  Check it out.  I know these folks personally and they are fine Christian people.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

99 cent Pepsi 12 packs!

I just got an email from CVS that tomorrow June 15th, when you scan your Extra Care Card at the Coupon Center you will get a coupon making a 12 pack of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi 99 cents! 

This is Wednesday June 15th only.  I am sure if you are in a state with deposits, that they will apply as well.

I'm not a Pepsi fan (Coke/Diet Coke all the way) but hubby will drink it!  And for 99 cents!  What a bargain!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I've felt pretty icky since we came back from NY.  I got my thyroid medicine on May 22nd, so I "felt" like I was getting better.

June 11th at about 2AM, my heart started racing.  I waited for it to subside.  By 2:30 Saturday afternoon it was still racing, I knew I needed to seek medical attention.  I didn't "think" I was having a heart attack, but who ever does?

My blood pressure was 114/87 which wasn't terrible, my heart rate was 88 that's good too.  BUT, my heart was racing, and there needs to be a reason, right?  They did an EKG, also with normal results.  The doctor asked, "Are you depressed?  Are you thinking of killing yourself or someone else?"  UH, "No!"

The did some blood work and a chest x-ray.  Well, turns out I have pneumonia, and dangerously low hemoglobin.  So, I got an antibiotic and am being referred to a hematologist.

I have not had the $$ or strength to get many bargains lately, but I DID get these from Amazon (FREE from Swagbucks) SIGN UP HERE 

I love them, because they don't stain.  Even with red sauce!

Lydia also needed diapers, and CVS had a box for 19.99 (I had $5 Extra Care Bucks going in, and got $4 with the purchase)

The coupon I am most excited about is one that was offered on Facebook from Claussen.  $2 off a jar!  WOO HOO!  I love my pickles!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

LAAAAZY Saturday

Here it is 5:25 and none of us are showered or dressed.  We all slept in.  Woke up at 9 then went back to sleep.  I got up around noon, then Lydia, then Fred. 

Trying to figure out what (if anything) we're going to do today...

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Do you like to get free money?  Of course!  Who doesn't?  Every day I go to superpoints and spin the super lucky button.  You can win varying amounts and cash your "superpoints" in for GREAT Prizes!  Some choices are Paypal, Starbucks, and Amazon!  WOW!

You can also earn points for watching videos or completing offers.  I personally get paypal so I can spend it however I want, even to pay bills!  I just transfer the money to my checking account!

Here is the deal!  Superpoints is currently invite only, but I have some invitations here!  Click and sign up, confirm your account, complete your basic profile and you're ready to go!

Sign up today and start winning!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

paranoia cha cha cha (aka Lousy Lice)

wondering if there is a chance that I did NOT get the critters.  I soaked my head in Listerine Original Antiseptic Mouthwash - 1.5 Liters for 4 hours.  It was covered with a shower cap, and a Walmart bag and saran wrap.  (wanted to get the little straggly hairs)

Then I went in the shower and combed out any tangles.  Nothing in comb.  Combed with the fine tooth metal comb.  Nothing in comb.  COVERED hair in conditioner.  Combed out tangles.  Nothing in comb.  Combed with the fine tooth metal comb.  Nothing in comb.  Rinsed with one cup white vinegar (made me gag).  Combed out any tangles.  Nothing in comb.  Combed with the fine tooth metal comb.  Nothing in comb.

Now, I'll be happy if I don't have them.  But I am so paranoid!  What if I just don't see them?

I've been combing through Lydia's head 5-6 times a day with the metal comb.  The last time I am certain I found one in her head was Wednesday.  I also found one Nit on Wednesday.  Since then.  I've combed out "things" but maybe it is just dead skin?  I am so paranoid!  Poor baby with her (non diagnosed) OCD Mommy.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Went grocery shopping (full trip) for the first time since March today!

Going to try this remedy today...

Had a $1 off coupon for the Listerine too!  lol

I bought these for Lydia so we can practice recognizing her letters...

Friday, May 27, 2011

embarrassing, but true

Lydia has lice.  I found the first one on Tuesday.  We bought the RID (which scared me) and did a treatment.  On Wednesday we went to the pediatrician to confirm what I had suspected.  He checked me too and said I was clear.  However Lydia still had live lice.  He recommended I slather her head with Cetaphil and blow dry it on and leave it on overnight and wash it out in the morning.  So, we did.  I've been combing her hair 5-6 times a day and scratching my own.  (psychosomatically?)

Sigh.  Then today after my shower I found one.  I am 36 years old.  I have 3 sisters.  None of us have ever had lice.  This is our first experience with them.  Tips would be appreciated!  I'm going crazy!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Blockbuster Express Giveaway

I have a Groupon I bought for 5 Blockbuster Express rentals.  It is worth $5 and I paid $2 for it.

What?  You don't use GrouponGroupon is great, especially if it is something you would use anyway!   I've also bought and used one for Quizno's.  It was good for $10 worth of food and beverages it cost $5!  But it can be extra special for a treat too.  For example today the featured deal in Pensacola is a tandem skydive jump!  It is a $299 value, but you get it for only $120!  There are featured deals all over the country!

If you're not a Groupon member already please click on one of my "Groupon" links in the post to sign up!

Today however I am giving away the 5 Blockbuster Express rentals.  Check to see if there is a location near you.

All you have to do to enter is comment what your *dream* Groupon would be.  Also leave me some way to contact you, to let you know if you won, or be sure to check back here on 5/31/11 :)

Enter by Monday April 30th at noon CDT and I will draw a winner via

**Disclaimer: this drawing is not endorsed by Groupon, Blockbuster Express or Blogspot.  I paid for it with my own money and decided to gift it to one of my readers.

Mothers Touch Thermometer Giveaway

One Bored Mommy is hosting a giveaway that I would LOVE to win!  It is for a Mothers Touch thermometer.

It is as simple as touching your child's forehead for six seconds.  She says it is surprisingly accurate!

Temperature taking is a battle here and I always remind Lydia, "I'm bigger than you - I will win"  But I usually end up getting so upset.

Enter the giveaway here!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today I am thinking about the miscarriage I had nearly 5 years ago.  To think that if s/he had survived I'd have a 4 year old! 

I miss that child more than anyone knows, but I am glad they are safely with Jesus and don't have to worry about this world.  I don't have to worry like I do with Lydia, "will she get saved at an early age?"  "will she ever get involved with gross sin?"  "will she have her heart broken by someone that is supposed to love her?"

My throat is swelling shut as I type this.  My heart breaks for Lydia's future as this world gets worse and worse. :(  All I can do is pray for her,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ladies only

here is a "personal" deal.  Monistat is on sale for $11.99 at Walgreens.  You can print out a $3 off coupon here and then you get $2 RR back.  Unfortunately I happen to need this right now, but I was savvy enough to go look for a sale and a coupon on line first.  haha

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Help a girl out?

I need ONE MORE referral to reach platinum status on superpoints.

Couponing, Frugal & Freebie Loving Giveaway

Getting into couponing?  Check out this giveaway that Ginger is hosting on her blog!

It ends at Midnight CST 5/14/11!  Hurry!  3 ways to enter!

Monday, May 9, 2011

when we left our hotel in Virginia, Friday AM it was 39 degrees, now back home it is 91.  WHEW!  Three Loads of laundry washed and in the dryers as I type. 

Day 4 of Frappucino Happy Hour at Starbucks (or as I've been calling it "frappy hour")   I really didn't want one today, but felt like it would be a crime to not get it at half price.  So I ordered a tall.  I got and was charged for a venti.  Half price, but still.  It is in the freezer.

Every muscle in my body hurts, like when I had mono.  I have some oxyclean paste in the tub.  The tub looks disgusting!  Hoping it works.

Got 6 20 oz Diet cokes, a bottle of body wash, deodorant, shampoo, and barettes for $6.xx at CVS yesterday.  I had a coupon for $4 off $20, then I had a $10 ECB I had earned as a CVS Advisor, and I used 6 FREE coke coupons I had from mycokerewards,com.  CVS is the ONLY place I can find the deodorant I've been using for years.

Superpoints is still invite only, and you can earn Paypal, Amazon, Starbucks, Dominos Pizza and a plethora of other prizes.  It only takes me a few minutes a day.  Snag this invite token if you're interested!

Listening to Seminole String Band while I take a breathing treatment.  We go to church with these fine people, and I love them so much!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I now begin to the daunting task of going through 3 weeks of mail.


Included is:
  • Clinique mini High Impact Mascara won in a Facebook Promotion
  • (2) Orville Redenbacher's Pop Up Bowl with HOT B1G1 coupons
  • Degree Women Deodorant sample (with coupon)
  • Pen and Travel Mug from Synovate for a Twitter Tuesday win
  • Can of Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry (with coupon)
  • $25 Starbucks Gift Card Earned from MyPoints
  • A coupon that was good for 2 weeks or less because we left on 4/14, and it exp'd 4/30
  • 12 coupons each for a free 20 oz "sparkling" from
  • A coupon for a FREE Starbucks Petite (leaning toward the salted caramel square)
  • A FREE photo mini book from
  • A Coupon for a FREE Glade Spring Collection Product (up to $3.99)
  •  (1) Free packet (haha) of Just Like Sugar
  • A Coupon for a FREE Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo or Styling Product
  • A coupon for a FREE pouch of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
  • A $10 off $10 JCPenney Coupon
  • 3 issues of OK magazine (which I don't read)
  • an issue of Woman's Day
  • an issue of Parent's
  • an issue of American Baby
  • an issue of AAA magazine
  • Publix Family Style (with recipes and coupons)
  • An Auction of BTFE I'd won from Listia
  • Some Bills (ick) 
  • And Sympathy Cards.  Thank you for your condolences

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Annabelle is still in the hospital on life support, and barring a micracle she will not be coming out of it.  She would not want to live like this.  She left no insurance, we are trying to get together the funds for funeral expenses.  Please pray for Fred and his sister and that the LORD would work a miracle if HE decides to.  We are still up North.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Urgent prayer request

We just got a call from Fred's sister.  His mother is in a coma in the hospital.  We will be heading to NYC tonight.  Driving.  Please keep Annabelle in your prayers, and us for travelling mercies.  It is a 1200 + mile drive.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Superpoints is still Invite only

But look at what I WON TODAY!

Grab this invite token to start winning too!


Well, I had 4 people enter the giveaway
1-Frugal Floridians check out her blog, as well as her FB page, she shares nationwide deals!
4-Rachel selected #4 Congrats Rachel!  (who also happened to be the ONLY person who entered my first giveaway)  lol

Monday, April 11, 2011

Decent Bargain Day!

I got the coupon for the Free Full Sized Essence of Beauty Antibacterial Product at CVS from CVS Beauty Club on Facebook

I also got the coupon for Free (up to $2) individual Beverage or Candy from CVS on Twitter.  (They release things specially to their Twitter followers from time to time)

When I went to get the mail I had an envelope with a RAOK from a couponing friend she made me an 8x10 sheet of return address labels.  It was a simple gesture, but truly delighted me and made me think of this blog.

I also had an envelope from my father with 3 survival bracelets in it.  (my nephew is in MO in Army Basic Training, any my father has been making them for my nephew and his buddies)

There was an issue of Reader's Digest Magazine. (a gift subscription from my parents)

From Amazon I had this:

Which I got for FREE using my Swagbucks <<<<<----------- Seriously, if you are not a member, sign up at this link.  I've earned over $500 worth of stuff for FREE.

When I got to CVS I bought:
  • 2 4 pack AAA Batteries B1G1 (needed some for the puzzle) $3.99
  • A Gallon of milk $3.19
  • 8.5 oz bottle of Essence of Beauty Coconut Citrus Hand Soap $3.89
  • 20 oz Diet Sunkist (I was thirsty) $1.69
  • tub of 72 CVS Baby Wipes $2.77
  • and 16 oz of bubbles (made in the USA) the Speech Therapist said blowing bubbles will help Lydia with her oral motor skills $1.99
I had $2 ECB from the previous quarter, I had a coupon from the red machine for $2 off CVS baby wipes, The twitter coupon took $2 off the soda, and other coupon $3.89 off the soap.  I paid $8.xx and got $1.99 ECB back for the Bubbles (through tomorrow only, after Tuesday they are only 25% off)  I also scanned my green bag tag, so I am 25 cents closer to my next coupon.

Then since Fred had the same coupons from his card I bought:
  • 6 oz Gold Emblem Gummy Bears (Lydia's new fave treat)
  • 8.75 Essence of Beauty Pomegranate Apple Antibacterial hand gel
  • and a bag of pretzel sticks from a clearance shelf
I didn't pay a penny out of pocket on this trip.

Lydia's new word for today was erhm "booger"  haha (I'll take it!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scary moment!

On the playground before church this evening Lydia was climbing the ladder to get to the slide which she has done many times before.  The ladder (open round rungs) leads to a platform 5 feet off the ground.

When she got to the top, her one foot wasn't on the platform all the way, and though I was only a few feet away I was not there in time to catch her.  She fell like a rag doll straight to the ground and landed on her face with complete silence for what seemed an eternity.  (It was in actuality probably less than 10 seconds)  She landed face first in the rubber mulch and got the wind knocked out of her, and a few scrapes.

Extra special thanks to Miss Bettie and Darren for all they do on the church playground.  There are three people listed as playground superintendents but they rarely come to church anymore.  I am so grateful that Bettie and Darren have picked up the slack.  Every Sunday afternoon they make sure the mulch is raked to have even coverage around the playground equipment.  They also pick up trash that is left behind (Our church allows people from the community to use the playground as well) But most importantly they check to see it anything is in need of repair. 

I wouldn't be surprised if I have a gray hair tomorrow!

Friday, April 8, 2011


April 1, I won another drawing at This one was for $25 Paypal!  Very cool

Today I just cashed out for my 19th Free Amazon Card from iRazoo.  I find with Amazon Mom and Subscribe and save that Amazon has the best price on disposable diapers.  If I pair that with my FREE gift cards from Irazoo and Swagbucks that it is an even better deal!

If you're not members of the best paid to search sites on the internet, go ahead and click on one of the links!  I've earned over $400 From SwagBucks and now nearly $100 from iRazoo!

I also got my months supply of popchips from the giveaway from Bein' E-Rizzy.

And I am still having a giveaway for 5 Blockbuster Express rentals - only 3 entrants so far!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another new Pampers GTG Code


Not a member yet?  Sign up here! You can cash in your points for all kinds of goodies!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Join Gifts to Grow now and get 100 Free Points.

"Not a Gifts to Grow member? Don't even need to have a little one in diapers! Pampers releases codes regularly that you enter for points that can be cashed in for STUFF! Code worth an extra 10 available right now too! GTGREWARDS4MOMS "
From knowing exactly when they want teddy to comforting them at 3am, the list of love is endless. Gifts to Grow gives parents the rewards they deserve, simply by buying Pampers diapers and wipes. Join now and get 100 Free Points.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pampers and Personal

New Pampers GTG Code SPRINGHASSPRUNG worth 5 points.

Lydia update.  Since beginning her speech therapy 6 weeks ago, she has really blossomed.

She can sign:
  • Help
  • Milk (we are using it interchangeably for drink)
  • More (with vocalization)
  • Please
  • Thank You
  • Book
  • Shoe
Her speaking vocabulary as increased as well!  Some of her new words/phrases:
  • why?
  • flower
  • I poo
  • pop
  • bubble
  • veggie
  • bob
  • larry
  • yellow
(I can't remember the last time I updated - but her vocab has at least doubled in 6 weeks.  I am thrilled with that!  Her speech Therapist Katie O. is too)

Superpoints - I got 3 new referrals on superpoints this week.  I just need one more to get to Platinum level.  You can get all kinds of rewards, Paypal, Amazon, Starbucks.  It is by invite only - so if you're interested please let me know as I have to generate an invite token.

All I do there is "spin" the Super Lucky button - and wait for a prize to pop up.  Several of my friends have been cashing out like crazy!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pampers Code

Pampers Latino Facebook Page reached their goal of 10,000 fans.  Here is a 10 point Gifts to Grow Code

10000LatinasFbk (Expires April 1)


I was VERY skeptical when I opened these Knorks.  They said they were reusable plastic but felt pretty lightweight and I doubted they'd cut through ANYTHING!

I wasn't planning on a video, I just grabbed my camera off the bookcase so I had no script or anything, but I think you can hear the genuine surprise in my voice when I cut the chicken!  lol

The edges are not serrated, but it cut so smoothly!  I love the vibrant red color too!  It matches my plates!

Dealpulp had a deal last week where you could get for $3, $7 toward a purchase at I had a dealpulp credit so I thought, "Why Not?"  The stainless steel Knorks were $7.  Then I was afraid we'd fight over it.  So I looked a bit further and came across these.  A 4 pack was $3 (Amazon has them for $2).

<<<<<--------- Click here to order *wink* *wink*

They were lightweight enough that my 2 year old could use them as a fork, and since they are not serrated she couldn't hurt herself!

Pretty neat!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday and Freebies

We've been fighting this sickness for over a week now, and I am ready for it to be GONE!

Thankfully I am not wheezing today, albeit a bit congested.  I can deal with that!

I have not been grocery shopping (a full trip) in over a month.  We buy Milk every week and pick up a thing or two here and there - I was going to go last week, but was so sick.  Wednesday Fred grabbed a Pizza on the way home ($5) and last night we had Quiznos (I had a $10 Groupon that I'd paid $5 in Groupon bucks for)

I am excited about something coming from Dealpulp too. Using $3 of my Dealpulp credit I got a $7 credit toward  My kitchen accents are red, so I think these reusable red plastic knorks will be fun.  We all know what sporks are, but Knork?  It is a non serrated knife-fork combo!  I'll review them when they arrive and we get a chance to use them!

Lydia got a box chock full of goodies from Grandma (Frugal Frann) She's frugal with herself, but loves to spoil her grand kids!  2 Dresses from Old Navy and a pair of sneakers, 2 skirts and a top, 2 pairs of pajamas, 4 mini books and 2 sets of flashcards.  Oh, and the cutest polka dot tights!

We just ran to Starbucks and used my gift card to get a tea, and I got 2 cake pops.  I had the Rocky Road (too chocolately for my taste) and got Lyd the birthday cake one - she took 2 bites then was done (I then sampled it - WAY sweet.  I should have stuck with the salted caramel square!

I got a coupon in the mail yesterday for FREE Kandoo pop-up wipes (up to $4) and a FREE issue of Parent's magazine.

I was able to cash out with Beezag for my first $8 to paypal. Just for watching a few videos tailored to my liking.  They say it will process in 7 days.

I cashed out today for another $5 Amazon Gift Card from Irazoo.

I received my $20 worth of Amazon Gift Cards this week from Zoombucks.

I've been doing Superpoints, but haven't cashed out yet - if you'd like an invite, let me know!

Mypoints I've been doing for over 10 years, and I still love it!  I have some points pending, but once they clear I am cashing out for a $25 Starbucks Gift Card.  (Again - if you want an invite, let me know)

Swagbucks is the one that "pays" the best.  I earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card each week, and pairing these with coupons and Amazon mom and Subscribe and save - We haven't paid for diapers since the summer!

All of the above links are my referral links, so if you're not a member of these sites but are thinking of joining, I'd appreciate it if you joined through my link!

I'll also be glad to try to answer any questions you might have.

Planning to go to the Elberta, AL German Sausage Festival tomorrow - hope the weather cooperates!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pop Tart Fans?

Perfect purchase!  LOL I ONLY like the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon ones, and Hubby loves the frosted strawberry! 

<<<------- Click here to order *wink* *wink*

Thanks Raining Hot Coupons!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today's Goodies

In the mail I got my Target Beauty Bag

It is a Sonia Kashuk white, blue and purple zipper cosmetic case filled with:
  • 1.7 oz Pantene Color Preserve Shampoo
  • 1 oz Nivea Hydration Express Daily Lotion
  • .3 oz Fekkai Shea Butter Shampoo 
  • .3 oz Fekkai Shea Butter Conditioner
  • .15 oz (full size) Neutrogena Naturals lip balm
  • Revlon Colorburst lip balm swatch in hot pink
  • And OVER $25 in coupons!

    I also got from SC Johnson "Right at Home"
    • 10 Ziploc Zip 'n Steam bags
    • 100 Ziploc Snack bags

    I ALSO got an oil change!  woo hoo!

    And had another email from mypoints for the Starbucks card get 500 points when you buy an e-card worth $10 or more.  I used the balance on my registered Starbucks card to buy myself a card.  Win/Win!

      Monday, March 21, 2011


      Today I got my first cash out of $20 in Amazon Gift Cards from Zoombucks It is another "search and win site" I usually only win once a day, and there are promo codes periodically - but it takes seconds, and my Amazon Account is $20 richer.

      I also won a mini-giveway from Adventures of a Couponista on Facebook for $10 off Amazon Diapers.  (Sad to hear that April's magazines have no coupons)

      We're sick here.  I've got bronchitis and sinusitis, and Lydia and Fred have colds.  It's been since Wednesday for Lyd and I.  (bleah)

      What's going on with y'all?

      Would you mind keeping my friend Jennie in prayer?  She found out last week that she has a brain tumor.  They doctors want to wait 3 months to do another MRI to see if it has grown.  She is planning on seeking a second opinion.

      Sunday, March 20, 2011

      Beezag - watch Videos for Paypal $$

      Check out Beezag for the remainder of the month of March, most videos you watch score you 250 points.  At 8000 points you can cash out.  I am currently at 6,980.

      You watch short videos, and enter the 2 digits that scroll across your screen.  Many of the videos also enter you into a sweepstakes.  I have NOT cashed out yet, but I was referred by a reliable source.

      Thursday, March 17, 2011

      Sweet Mamapedia Deal

      Mamapedia is another one of those Groupon type sites, today, you can get Disney's Family Fun Magazine for $5 for a one year subscription - you get $5 for signing up.  Free Subscription anyone?  Check it out below!

      $5 for a One-Year Subscription to Disney FamilyFun Magazine ($10 Value) See Below for Two-Year Subscription Offer

      Saturday, March 12, 2011

      simple pleasures

      I've been blogging on Xanga for 10 years and I am used to that.  I've been here for just over a year - you know I JUST LAST NIGHT found out how to get an email notification when someone commented here?  lol

      I used to scroll through to see if there were new comments, and always hoped I wasn't missing any.  *facepalm*

      Today is the last day for the FREE petite dessert at Starbucks with a beverage purchase. (between 2-5 I have a gift card) I gave hubby my cake pop on Thursday, devoured my salted caramel square yesterday, today I am leaning toward the red velvet whoopie pie. 

      Has anyone read this book?  Any thoughts on it?

      Tuesday, March 8, 2011

      Went to Publix this AM with my FREE Chef Boyardee coupon.  They were on sale BOGO so I got 2 for Free.  I also got my Free Coffeemate from the Facebook promotion and my free 1.25 liter coke from mycokerewards.  

      A few weeks ago there was an Aunt Jemima promotion on Facebook too.  I did not get the Free coupon, but $1 off 2 boxes.  Well they happened to be BOGO also, so I got 2 boxes of waffles for $1.49.  I also got a box of Pork Roll.  I was glad when I moved to the deep South to find out that Publix carried Taylor Pork Roll.  It is an occasional treat - I got it today. :)  I also bought Thomas's multigrain bagels (no good bagels down here) but they'll do toasted. :)

      When the mail came I had a small box from the Facebook Cheez-it promotion with 3 individual pouches.  We tried the colby.  mmmm

      I got the package from Pop Chips that I won from Happymomblogger.  It was a cute little box containing six - .8 oz bags of popchips.  One in each flavor:
      • Potato Cheese
      • Original
      • Salt and Pepper
      • Barbecue
      • Salt and Vinegar
      • Sour Cream and Onion
      There were also 2 coupons for a FREE bag, 2 coupons for Buy One bag Get One Free, 2 coupons for $1 off a bag and a chip clip.  

      Saturday, March 5, 2011

      My Sister's trip to Safeway

      This is most of a conversation I had with my sister today (on Skype IM) It has been cleaned up a bit and I removed her name for her privacy.  Her name is Kim.  Where I spoke It begins with my skype name - the rest is her.  She lives in PA, is a SAHM and knows her coupons - she's the one that got me started.

      Have any of you had a similar experience at Safeway?  What would you recommend?

      KIM:  I had problems at Safeway yesterday.  I gave them my card and told them keep it.......I will not be returning.
      I had my purchases and there was the self checkout, the express lane and one regular open open. 
      I got in the regular because of the problems I had last time. Safeway has this stupid rule that in order to use a Safeway coupon, you need to spend $15 on groceries that do not have a Safeway coupon attached to it.
      They had a coupon where if you spend $15 on any frozen items in the store, you get $5 off your order instantly. 
      I purchased 6 Tabasco sauces, 3 mustards, 3 Gorton's popcorn shrimp, 2 loaves of bread, 2 pounds of bacon, 6 Greek yogurts and 1 package jimmy dean sausage sandwiches.
      I also had 2 franks red hots sauces
      of course I have a coupon for everything.........

      Stacey Knapp: right ;P

      I stand in line 10 minutes and its a long line I said the heck with this and decide to go to self checkout
      then I realized I forgot their rule about only one Internet coupon....I solve that by putting one thing of Frank's on a shelf and coupon back in my box, one coupon for bread went back in box.
      oh i forgot i had a pack of feta cheese with no coupon
      I start scanning and save the frozen items for last, it's well over $30.
      I start scanning coupons.  Last week, the lady told me to scan the coupon, set it aside and put them all in the box when done so i do that..........
      Witch lady comes over and says I need to put them in the slot NOW, fine......I do that.

      Stacey Knapp: did she think you were re-using them?

      Who knows?So I keep doing that and she comes over and watches.  I give her coupon for bacon and tell her it didn't work she digs through my bags........2 things of bacon were on top of bag, in bag but on top.
      she takes that off then says something else as I scan yogurt coupon I turn my head to face her and she says......HOW MUCH DID THAT TAKE OFF??? REALLY NASTILY AS IF IT DOUBLED IT OR SOMETHING.

      It was a blinky machine coupon and I really didn't know what the barcode started with, you normally only find the ones that start with 5 in Food Lion or areas where they don't double.  I tell her I don't know, I was looking at her. She gets in front of the computer and starts punching things in, turns out it didn't double, only 75 came off once, I turn to her, hand her my coupons and tell her, you know what, since you have such a problem with my scan the rest of them in.  I'm not trying to steal anything and I don't need you acting like I am. If there is a problem..go ring them in.

      Stacey Knapp: did you get her name?  I'd shoot a letter to Corporate

      no it gets better that Safeway employees don't care about their customers

      Stacey Knapp: it is this stupid "extreme couponing" show that makes couponers look like thieves

      She goes and gets the assistant manager, I explain to her what happened and she finishes scanning the coupons. I'm fine with that but my $5 didn't come off instantly - you wanna know why?

      Stacey Knapp: because you wouldn't be paying enough?

      Because the frozen Gorton's popcorn shrimp is seafood.....not frozen

      Stacey Knapp: are you kidding me?????

      Then the lady from last week is yelling in the background.......ARE THEY ALL THE SAME COUPONS???
      I got them from the freezer section in the seafood department, but i only got them so i could get the $5 off.........wasn't getting them because I wanted them, So I tell her then if they aren't frozen, and your offer says any frozen items in store, I don't want them, I want my money back.

      (remember I was buying an additional $15 worth of stuff so I could get in on that offer)

      She tells me no you can't because you used coupons.......I'll have to go through all your coupons

      Stacey Knapp: meanwhile she made you put them in the slot.

      This was the assistant manager..........I say fine........she says move over here to another register and she goes and gets all the coupons out of the slot.  Now i had already paid for the groceries.....the items were mine
      she takes all the coupons and starts sorting them out....tells me i didn't buy enough yogurts? Huh ?  I bought 6, there are 3 coupons for 75/2.  She tells me that I used too many tabasco coupons?What??? there are 6 look I show them to her......she looks on receipt...........then she says.....(now get this)
      You can use that many free coupons

      Huh? they weren't free..........they were $1.59 she said yes but the 75¢ doubled so they were almost free.  I say no, they were 9 cents..........she rolls her eyes and says SAME THING.

      Then she looks at coupons and tells me i used 3 Gorton's coupons but only got 2 items.  I tell her no........and show her third.  Ok so then she figures out that i get $8.97 back..........the price minus the coupons, plus she gives me the coupons back...........but.......she only gives me $6.97.
      And while she was getting the money out, she asked the manager about my tabasco coupons and he told her there is no limit, as long as I have the items.  So then when she hands me back the extra $2, she tells me that the best thing she can say is next time I use that many coupons to not use self checkout.  I told her but there was only one line open and I stood in it before  getting in the self checkout  I then tell her, you know what and hand her my card........keep this because I will not be back.

      Stacey Knapp: did you try sending an email?   Maybe the store employees have a thing for giving customers a hard time

      I'm not gonna bother,  I do not need to be treated like a criminal because I'm using coupons I won't be back.......forget them, their sales aren't all that good anyhow and if a sale is that great......there are Safeway's towards Baltimore city if the sale is so good its worth driving to, then it'll be worth driving to  Baltimore for it

      Friday, February 25, 2011


      It is 81 degrees here at 5:23 PM.  Nice!  Shame I can't breathe!

      We went for Lydia's hearing eval this AM.  She passed with flying colors, so that is one less thing for me to fret about.

      I found out that I won a $5 Subway Gift Card from a twitpic contest they did on twitter.  (cool)
      In the mail today I got a $5 Wendy's Gift Card that I had won during their Fry for All promotion.

      I also got a coupon for a Free Chef Boyardee product, and Free Egg Beaters from Walmart.

      Thursday, February 24, 2011

      Free 8x10 Collage

      Today I had an email from Walgreens for a Free 8x10 photo collage, so I picked a bunch of these photos.  We went for Lyd's speech eval at 8:30 then we stopped at Walgreens on the way home to pick it up.  I also used Redbox for the first time (with the free code I got off of Facebook) we rented Toy Story 3.

      We came home and Lyd's teacher came at 12:15 and Lydia mastered the sign for "help"  She was getting frustrated when she couldn't zip Dressy Bessy's sweatshirt.

      when I was growing up, Dressy Bessy had shoelaces.  My, how times have changed!

      When we got the mail I had a free Life Cereal bar that I'd gotten from Publix.  Wonder who I'll have to fight for that?  LOL

      Hearing test tomorrow AM.

      Tuesday, February 22, 2011

      New Camera

      Hubby bought me a new camera since mine died in December. 

      good mail day

      I got a Valentine's day present from Synovate - it is a blue water bottle with a heart shaped lollipop inside.
      also got:
      • a coupon for a FREE 1.25 liter coke product
      • 2 coupons (one for me and one for Fred) For FREE Coffee-Mate (up to $3.99) from their Facebook Free Flavor Friday promotion
      • and a nice FAT little booklet with over $110 in coupons from Proctor and Gamble
      We went to the playground with a family from church today and Lydia finally mastered the slides.  lol  She was always too chicken before.

      Tuesday, February 15, 2011

      Nesquik at Walgreens

      If anyone still has the Buy One Get One coupons we printed a couple weeks back from Nesquik, Walgreens has them for 99 cents each with an in ad coupon.  Pair it with the Bogo and you get 2 pints of Strawberry (or Chocolatey) Goodness for 99 cents!

      YAY Mail Day!

      I got
      • 10 of the 20+ Free 20oz coke coupons I've been waiting on from My Coke Rewards
      • Coupon for Free Planter's Almonds from Facebook
      • $10 in Enfamil Checks
      I also cashed out for another $5 Amazon GC from Swag Bucks.  (yay)  I realized I've earned over $500 worth of stuff from them!  Still loving it!

      Headed out to CVS and Starbucks (I still have a balance on my GC from MyPoints) I am 3 visits away from my gold card!  WHOO!

      Wing Zone Giveaway Winner

      Well, my giveaway didn't garner much attention.  lol  I didn't even bother using to draw a winner, since I only had one entrant.  Congrats to my winner!

      I asked participants to comment what their favorite site was and why?

      I "met" Rachel on Xanga 3 years ago, and she is a vegetarian.  lol  But two of her kids can benefit from the Gift Card!

      Friday, February 11, 2011

      Crazy Day

      Went to Lydia's playgroup today.  It was better than I'd expected.  She got to make a valentine for her daddy.

      Used my Free Starbucks Gift Card from mypoints to get a Trenta Iced Coffee with 2% milk and a pump of caramel.  (YUM)

      Ran to Target to use a few coupons.  B1G1 Popchips, B1G1 Nestle Quik and I had a Target Q as well as a mfr Q for Glade room air Freshener.  Lydia also got her Daddy a Valentine.  (shh)

      On the way to the car Fred called, he wanted to know if we still had AAA.  He was stuck in the sand at the beach.  (hoo boy)  I have basic where you only get 3 calls a year for free.  I'd need to be with the car since I am the card holder.  I needed to put some gas in the car to get to the beach.  I was on my way to the gas station when he called and said that some guy stopped, he lived around the corner and had chains and was going to try to help him out.  Hold off on calling AAA.

      Went to Walmart to use the $9 in my paypal account to get gas and used my free Red Strike Energy Drink and Free m&m's coupon.  Fred called - he was out of the sand (YAY)

      Ran up to the bread outlet to get muffin mix.  (I usually make muffins for breakfast on Saturday Morning and was out of mix)  I got a package of whole wheat sandwich rounds day old for $.50.

      Came home and the mail was here.  I received my Free nice & easy hair foam coupon from Facebook (good up to $13.99) I haven't dyed my hair in almost 8 years, but the grey will arrive soon.  lol

      I then arrived to THREE packages from Amazon at my door!
      Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, Size 5 (27+ Lbs), Economy Plus Pack, 156 DiapersLife Light UpVeggieTales - The Ballad of Little Joe

      I'd ordered the diapers last week, The DVD was a replacement for one Lydia had scratched beyond belief, and I won the CD in a giveaway from A Slightly Better Wife I can not wait to listen to it!

      Lydia is cuddling on the couch with Dressy Bessy right now.  Hopefully we'll make it to church tonight, we're trying to get involved with Teen Night.

      Thursday, February 10, 2011

      "meh" mail day

      I'm waiting for so many goodies in the mail that my super awesome $10 Starbucks Gift Card that I got FREE from mypoints isn't even really exciting me today.  lol

      I am waiting for 20 coupons for free 20 oz "sparkling" Coca Cola products from Mycokerewards

      Also waiting for a case of diapers from Amazon that cost $10.44

      I DID get one of my $5 Amazon Gift Cards from irazoo today  I am already more than one tenth of the way to my 16th Free Amazon GC there.

      How was your mail day today?

      Tuesday, February 8, 2011

      Wing Zone Giveaway

      I've never hosted a giveaway on my blog, so now is as good a time as any!

      I have a $5 Wing Zone Gift Card that I will be giving away.  I will mail within the continental US. Click the link if you don't know if you have a location nearby.

      Enter by 2/14/11

      I will draw a winner on 2/15/11 using

      To enter just leave a comment below telling me what your favorite website is, and why!


      Friday, January 28, 2011

      Ever have to put your child on "phone restriction"?

      Ever have to to it this young?


      So yesterday was the grand opening of the local hhgregg store.  Ribbon cutting was at 2:45, opening was 3PM.

      This was just after 2:30.

      Since Lydia broke my digital camera,  I was there to snag this:
      It was $29.99!!!  What a deal! They also had a drawing for some Frigidaire appliances (grand prize) and a Magellan GPS (first prize) will be drawn next week, but also had an instant prize.  Several people in front of me got $25 hhgregg gift cards, stainless steel water bottles - I got a set of pink ear buds (hey, they were free) and they gave Lydia a stuffed Serta sheep. 

      I bought it and went to CVS to get Cokes for 5 12 packs for $15 with $5 ECB in return which I put toward a 10 pack of Duracell AAA batteries for $5.99.  (for my new digital camera)

      Came home and popped some batteries into my new too good to be true digital camera - who reads instructions? - and went to town testing it out. No flash.  ugh!  How do you capture the moments in the life of a 2 year old with no flash?  So I'm going to bring the camera back today.

      Matt and Jeani came over for Pizza and fellowship last night.

      I also plan to go to Publix with my coupon for up to $3.99 off NY Style snack food (bagel chips perhaps?)  mmm.  Maybe I'll stop at Starbucks too since I got my giftcard from mypoints the other day. 

      Surprise party to attend tonight, does anyone have a great Chuck Norris joke?  We're supposed to bring one with the youth pastor substituted for Chuck. 

      Have a great day everyone!  Looking forward to more goodies today!  lol

      Tuesday, January 25, 2011

      My Coke Rewards Double Points Day

      Double points earned for codes entered today only!  Have any you don't plan on using?  I'll gladly take them off your hands. :)

      Wednesday, January 19, 2011


      I had a coworker who used to call me popcorn because I would make some in the microwave at breakfast time.  haha\

      I had seen yesterday in the Save A Lot ad that Act II Microwave popcorn was on sale for $.79 cents a box.  That didn't set off anything particular.  This afternoon as I was preparing Lydia's lunch, I came across a coupon for $1.00 off 2 boxes of Act II.  So, I got 2 boxes at $.29 cents each.

      On the way out we stopped to check the mail and I had 4 coupons for a Free SoBe.  CVS has the SoBe Life Water on sale for $1 each (also good towards the Pepsi deal - buy $20 worth of Pepsi products get $10 ECB)  And I had 4 more Orbit coupons, so I got 8 packs of gum, and 4 SoBe's for $.69 and I got $1 ECB since I used my Green Bag Tag.  Whee!

      It still isn't too late to get in on the Living Social Deal $10 for a $20 Amazon GC, and if you have one of the Amazon Diaper coupons from American Baby Magazine, and Join Amazon Mom as well as Subscribe and Save you can get a BIG case of diapers (156 size 5) for the investment of $10.

      We also fit 2 meals - 4 readings of "I Love You Stinky Face", 2 loads of laundry, some dishes, a shower, a nap  (For Lydia), Vaccuuming, Made the Bed, Got a $5 Starbucks Gift Card for my secret prayer pal and Skyped with Gramps!

      Church tonight!


      To Living Social Todays SIZZLING HOT DEAL is a $20 Gift Card for $10!  Think of the possibilities!

      Tuesday, January 18, 2011

      Todays Goodies

      I got 40 Swag Bucks today without trying.  I got my daily toolbar buck, Daily NOSO buck, Daily Polls buck and Trusted Surveys buck.  I got the code that was released worth 8 Swag Bucks and just by using Swag Bucks instead of Google I earned Swag Bucks 3 times while searching.  I got 2 10's and an 8.  If I wanted to, I could have earned 75 Swag Bucks by watching videos on SBTV, but I didn't have the time today.  A $5 Amazon Gift Card "costs" 450 Swag Bucks so at that rate I could get one every 12 days - but I generally earn them a bit quicker, even with only one referral.  Would you like to sign up to earn free stuff?  I'll answer any questions I can.  PLEASE, SIGN UP HERE!

      Playing Wendy's Fry For All I won a $5 Wendy's Gift Card.

      In the Mail I received the $5 Starbucks gift card that I bought for $1 through Family Finds go ahead and sign up there.  It is a lot like Groupon and Deal Pulp. 

      I also received 3 Box Tops For Education that I won on Listia.

      Last week someone on FB posted a link for B1G1 Orbit Gum coupons.  CVS has them B1G1.  It was a Bricks coupon, so you could print it twice.  I also had 2 coupons for 50 cents off a single Dove Chocolate and a $1 ECB.  I was also desperately in NEED of a Diet Sunkist.  haha.  So, I got 4 packs of Gum, 2 Dove Bars and a 20 oz Soda for $1.57.  Not too bad. 

      What was your day like today?

      Monday, January 17, 2011

      Late Celebration

      Hubby's paycheck didn't come through until Saturday AM, and we went Street Preaching on Sat.  Then Church all day Sunday, so TONIGHT we are taking our 2 year old to pick out a baby doll.  We will also pick up a cake and go out to dinner. 


      Friday, January 14, 2011

      Got my $10 from CVS for completing the survey.  I already have $10 ECB, and I have a $4 off $20 coupon.  I ALSO have a coupon for a free razor which is a $10.xx value, so I may use that and save one of the $10 ECB's.

      Lydia's 2 year check up went great.  I was a little leery of the new pedi at first (hers got married and moved to Mississippi).  But he was very thorough and asked questions and listened.  I think it'll be fine. 

      Thursday, January 13, 2011

      Deal Pulp

      You know those sites where you pay a certain amount and get more?  Well, If you're already shopping at Target how about this Deal of the Day??? Pay $7 and get a $10 Gift Card!  That is a 30% Savings!  Combine it with coupons for an even bigger savings!

      Check out Deal Pulp!

      Tuesday, January 11, 2011


      I got a heads up that Publix had Special K B1G1 and I had B1G1 coupons.  In a PERFECT world, they would have given me 8 boxes for free with my 4 coupons.  However it didn't work that way.  Sigh.  But I DID get 8 boxes of Special K and 2 boxes of Swiss Miss Cocoa (which was $1.99 each and I had 2 $2 coupons) and a small pack of Ritz Bits from the Checkout for Lydia for a grand total of $8.66.

      Then we went to CVS with my 5 Free SoBe coupons and I heard that the Scanner was shooting out coupons for $.50 off of a Dove Bar which was on Sale for $.89 and $.89 cents ECB back. 

      I got 5 SoBe Lifewaters, 2 Milk Chocolate Dove Bars and a small bag of Gummy Lifesavers.  I had a $1 ECB from using my reusable bag with green bag tag.  After the coupons I paid $1.18, and got $.89 back.  I also used my reusable bag and green bag tag (every 4 scans, you get $1 back - only can use once a day).

      Then when I came home I had an email from CVS Advisor for a survey that they are going to reward me with $10 ECB!  THEN when Fred got home with the mail I had another Gerber Formula Check for $5.25 and a Free issue of Woman's Day Magazine!

      Pretty Awesome Mail Day Yesterday

      I got:
      • the $25 AmEx Gift Card I won from Twitter (sending it to my Mom as a late Christmas gift)
      • Hubby got the $25 WalMart Gift Card he redeemed with his points from his Bank Card (picked up some needed groceries)
      • a Valentine's Day Hair Bow I won from Girlie Cues
      • 5 FREE SoBe Coupons from the Promotion that they had this Summer
      • $8.50 Worth of Gerber Formula Checks