Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mail Call

(Unfortunately for years I have been unable to say that without hearing in my head, "Ani-maiiiiiiil Call... Ani-mail, Ani-mail, Hot diggety dog it's ani-mail!)

Anyway! lol

Today I got my free Wink photo strip from Shutterfly. It is simply beautiful! Great clarity, and glossiness! I am using it as a bookmark in my bible.

I got from UPS or Fed Ex (I can't remember how bad is that?) 2 boxes of Quaker Hazelnut Latte Oatmeal and 1 full size bag of Quaker Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Rice Cakes that I got from a Giveaway on twitter from QuakerTalk. Yeah!

Other than that it was a slow mail day. I DID make it to my local bread outlet (for the first time since we moved here nearly 8 months ago) They had some good prices and I will certainly be going back.

I had lunch with two friends that we used to go to church with that I haven't seen since January so it was nice.

How was your mail day today?

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Since last Saturday I have cashed out $11 to my paypal account. If you're not already doing p4r, why not? Click on my link to sign up! It only takes a few minutes a day. I do it while I use my nebulizer.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This week

I found out on Tuesday that CVS was printing out coupons (when you scanned your extra care card) for $1.00 off any CVS paper product, and $1.00 off any CVS skin care product. I scanned my card and Fred's card and used mine and got 2 rolls of CVS brand TP (on sale 2 for $1 = FREE).

My parents came into town on Wednesday, and their hotel is right near one of the CVS's. They stopped on Thursday AM on their way over and scanned my Dad's card and got the coupons. (Mom left her card home) We went to CVS I scanned Fred's and my card and got the same coupons again. We did it each day and today (end of sale) ended up with 22 Free rolls of TP, 3 Free trial size cocoa butter lotions, 3 Free cocoa butter sticks and 3 full sized bottles of CVS body wash that we paid 99 cents each for.

I also got in the mail my coupon for Free Sunchips and a coupon for Free Beech Nut Let's Grow product. (Lydia loves the yogurt nibblers) We used that coupon at Walmart yesterday and some of the Beech Nut products were on roll back. The Banana cookies were $1.35. I had a coupon also for $1.00 off so I got those for 35 cents. I cashed out over $6 to paypal from P4R and Youdata. I am waiting on 3 of my 4 $5 Amazon Gift Cards from Swagbucks and 1 $5 Amazon Card from Irazoo as well as a $5 Paypal GC I ordered from swagbucks last month when they were on sale. I've also earned 77 cents this week from beruby. When you have $10 you can cash out to paypal. If you're not a member of these sites already please click above if you're interested in joining. Those have my referral links. Any questions you might have on how the programs work, feel free to ask!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Well to me anyway! haha Lydia's FREE pediped shoes from Amazon arrived today a $31.90 value all FREE courtesy of Swagbucks. If you are not doing Swagbucks... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

My Kmart was doubling coupons this week. It ends tomorrow, and I didn't really thing about it. Doubling up to and INCLUDING $2 off! I had a coupon for $1 Delmonte Fruit Chillers (The real fruit you freeze) I ended up getting it for 79 cents. I had a coupon for Huggies Wipes 75 cents off, got them for $1.29 and I had (SEVERAL - but only used) one coupon for $2 off when you buy one 20 oz diet coke and a planters product. I got a lb jar of dry roasted peanuts for free. I still had to pay for the soda, but oh well.

TODAY ONLY Get a Free 8x10 at Walgreens! Use coupon code BIG8X10. I actually forgot that I ordered it! When Lydia wakes from her nap we will go up to the laundry and throw in a load and go get my free 8X10. It is a photo I want to frame and hang in my bathroom. Now I just need to find a cheap frame. :)

I got a new referral on youdata. I haven't had any clicks lately, but I log on every couple of days to check anyway and I saw I had 13 cents in my referral balance, so thanks to Sebastio12!

However as fas as earning on the internet, Points4rewards has been pretty decent lately. Mind you, you will NOT get rich, but I am a SAHM just trying to subsidize a date night or two with my husband, or a pack of diapers. I've been cashing out a minimum of $1 a day to paypal for the past several weeks just by signing up for the daily email clicks. I don't do any of the special offers, and hey if it gets me a tank of gas or soup salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden, it's okay in my book!

If you are not signed up for any of these programs, please click on the links in the emails. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. If I do not know the answer, I will do my best to find it out for you!

Monday, April 5, 2010


I love Publix. fresh food, fresh produce, fresh meat, Boars Head at the Deli. (Not common in the South) However I don't regularly shop there becasue they seem overpriced on a lot of things.

However I have been reading a few blogs lately:
coupon chix and I Heart Publix

Coupon Chix is written by Lindelon who lives in a town neighboring Pensacola, I heard her on the local talk radio station one morning, she teaches a "coupon 411" class. Her blog includes the weekly sales matched with coupons for local grocery stores (Winn Dixie, Publix and Food World) As well as CVS, Walgreens, and This week K-mart is doubling coupons!

I don't know much about the author of I Heart Publix, but I know she loves Publix!

I've been trying to feed a family of 3 on $50 a week. I have not had any sort of "stockpile" since we Lived in NYC which has been pretty discouraging.

Here is what I accomplished today. (Thanks to hooking up my printer)

I am from NJ where every store doubles coupons up to and including 99 cents every day, and usually there are a couple weeks a year that they triple. I lived in NYC for 4 years, same thing there. I moved to SW GA in February of 2008 and I was in for the shock of my life. I couldn't adjust. I was used to sales starting on Sunday. I never got the hang of it. Last night I was planning my shopping. (The LORD blessed us with a little girl in January of 09) and since then my cabinets have virtually been bare. My husband is in a commission only sales job and I have been attempting to shop for a family of 3 on $50 a week, 2 weeks at a time.

I decided to make a list. If it wasn't on the list, I couldn't buy it

I was checking out oupon chix last night and saw that Jimmy Dean sausage (rolls) at Winn Dixie were 2 for $5. I was able to print out 2 $1 off coupons from Facebook. I stopped there this morning on the way home from the pediatrician. When Lydia went down for her nap, I checked her blog again, she still didn't have Publix up, but I took the bull by the hotns.

My husband (Fred) LOVES Lucky Charms, I don't buy them ~ too exensive. Well, Here is what I got:

Lucky Charms BOGO at Publix this Week and I printed off 2 - 55 cent off coupons.

Hamburger Helper 10 for $10 I printed out 2 coupons for $.75 off 3 ( I bought 6)

Motts Apple Juice BOGO

Keebler Town House Crackers BOGO

Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast Entrees 10 for $10 (I got 4) My husband goes through a drive thru almost every morning on the way to the office, I asked him to try these (especially at that price)

Jolly Time Microwave Popcorn 10 for $10 (my fave) (I got 3, with the UPC's from 3 you can send off for a reusable grocery bag)

Campbells Soups 10 for $10 (I got 4)

Green Beans 99 cents a lb

Pepperidge Farms Goldfish (a must with a toddler) 10 for $10 I got 3

Bags of Hearts of Romaine 2 for 4

White Seedless Grapes $1.69 lb

I saved $40.09 I SPENT $37.49!

I did then go to walmart and pick up some things I know are less expensive there. (I was even able to buy two boxes of brownie mix shhh)

A few tips:
  • If you use mypoints, print out your coupons through their site powered by ( and smart source) you earn mypoints for using them
  • The Lucky Charms have Box Tops for Education on them; the Hamburger Helper had 1 (plus 3 bonus ones on each box)
  • The 4 Betty Crocker Mashed Potato Pouches I got at walmart (68 cents with an internet printed 40 cent off coupon through mypoints) also do.
  • If your child is homeschooled, or their school does not participate, and you have no need for these boxtops for education. YOU CAN SELL THEM ON EBAY! I don't know WHY but people clamor to get them, and you can get close to the face value on them! (they are also on my Kotex, and the Scott Toilet Tissue we use)

How did you save money this week? Do you use internet coupons?