Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Thursday (Thanksgiving) I was doing laundry and had an encounter with this:
That is, the metal coin slot on the dryer had an encounter with the top of my head.
This was after I had cleaned up a bit in the ER.

This is the top of my head after it had been cleaned up a bit.

This is the dried bloodstained shirt I was wearing. 24 hours later. (promise it is the same shirt, just a different light)

This is what I added to my wash.

This is the shirt after the dryer. Any questions? download a coupon here

Friday, November 13, 2009

Chocolate fruit, Youdata and Swagbucks OH MY!

I am going to pick up my free 6-box of chocolate dipped fruit from edible arrangements that I got from becoming a fan of them on facebook. I wish I could have chosen the fruit because the bananas are too delicious!!! YUMMY

Lydia is down for a nap right now, when she gets up we will head out. Youdata will make your paypal deposit today (I'm only looking at 14 cents, but hey, it's 14 cents more than nothing!) SIGN UP HERE IF YOU'RE NOT ALREADY A MEMBER

I am currently at 54 swagbucks in just over a week, thanks to my 3 newest referrals! They are more active than the other 7 combined. SIGN UP FOR SWAGBUCKS HERE. In less than a week I earned a $5 Amazon gift card.

Hopefully my coke edocard will arrive today. (I sure can use that money)

And I have enough points to cash in mypoints for a cvs giftcard. I am just waiting to hear back about the 5000 points for taking advantage of the netquote offer then I can get more than one! (If you're not a member of mypoints send me a message and I'll invite you - I've been doing that site for over 10 years)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Swagbucks and other goodies

Thursday the 5th I cashed in 45 swagbucks for another $5 Amazon Gift Card.

Saturday the 7th, we went to Red Robin for dinner. (I had a coupon for a free gourmet burger for my birthday) They then brought out a sundae and sang for me (groan) I gave Fred the Sundae so that I could save room for my free Non Fat Peppermint Mocha Latte from Starbucks.

Sunday we were invited over to new friends of ours home for "dinner" after church. (it is Breakfast, dinner, and Supper in the south, I still have to get used to that)

Monday was my birthday, and money is verytight this week. So Fred got me a card and brought me a 99 cent bag of candy corn from CVS. (he did get me a new laptop last month so I am not complaining in the least)

I found out I won a cookbook from Jennie's blog so that was exciting!

I got 3 new referrals (Thanks Jeani, Sarah, and Charlene) on swagbucks, so even though I missed the code on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, I am right now at 43 Swagbucks (from zero less than a week ago) WOO HOO!

I got another peppermint Mocha Latte with my Starbucks Gift Card. My phone died, but Fred had his old RAZR, (which is nicer than my Nokia was) so I've got a new (to me) phone.

I got a card from my Mother in Law with $20 in it so I got a $10 gift card at Walmart for gas, some food for Lydia and a can of gravy. Walmart Still has the Gerber Yogurt Blends Try Me Free packages. (one per household, I sent a refund to my mom, my sister, my sister's boyfriend) And Lydia likes the yogurt, so that is a win win.

Today my Free Pans from My Coke Rewards arrived. It's been a decent week, and we survived the hurricane/tropical storm.

I tried to go to WIC yesterday, but they were closed because of the storm (It is a walk in only clinic, they don't take appointments) and they were closed today for Veteran's day. But like the widow woman at Zarephath The LORD gave us just enough formula to get us through until tomorrow.

I just picked up a mess of coupons that some woman had on freecycle, they are still in the car, so I will need to go through them tonight. On the way back I drove past CVS and saw they have cheerios 2 boxes for $3. I have a coupn for $1 OFF 2 various General Mills Cereals (including cheerios) and since they are one of Lyd's fave self feeding snacks (and usually have $1.50 off pampers coupons on the back of the 8.9 oz box - taps temple) I'll get them before the sale is over.

Please sign up for SwagBucks if you haven't (sign up under my referral if you don't mind) see over there on the left in the widget where it says "sign up"? Click there pretty please! If you have any questions about it's legitimacy ask me. The proof is in the pudding!