Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I was VERY skeptical when I opened these Knorks.  They said they were reusable plastic but felt pretty lightweight and I doubted they'd cut through ANYTHING!

I wasn't planning on a video, I just grabbed my camera off the bookcase so I had no script or anything, but I think you can hear the genuine surprise in my voice when I cut the chicken!  lol

The edges are not serrated, but it cut so smoothly!  I love the vibrant red color too!  It matches my plates!

Dealpulp had a deal last week where you could get for $3, $7 toward a purchase at I had a dealpulp credit so I thought, "Why Not?"  The stainless steel Knorks were $7.  Then I was afraid we'd fight over it.  So I looked a bit further and came across these.  A 4 pack was $3 (Amazon has them for $2).

<<<<<--------- Click here to order *wink* *wink*

They were lightweight enough that my 2 year old could use them as a fork, and since they are not serrated she couldn't hurt herself!

Pretty neat!

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