Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Christians and Alternative Medicine

I don't have much experience with alternative medicine.  Long before I was saved I used to shop in those "New Age" shops.  I bought crystals, (that were supposed to heal) Incense, herbs and books.  I even once bought a "dream pillow"  you were supposed to keep it under your pillow when you slept.  I had terrible nightmares until I tossed it.

I liked to get books that would "decipher your dreams."  I read my horoscope (just for fun) and played with a ouija board. I even went to a psychic a few times.  I was not a Christian but many of these things frightened me at the time.  I was dealing with the enemy and didn't even realize it.

I am currently reading a book by someone who has dealt with alternative medicine.  It is eye opening.  Check it out.  I know these folks personally and they are fine Christian people.

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