Thursday, July 28, 2011

shampoo cost versus performance

I am the youngest of 4 girls.  (I am just in the second half of my 30's)  Growing up, we used whatever shampoo my mon had in the house.  Generally the cheapest kind, White Rain, VO5, Suave.  If we wanted something different we had to use our own money to buy it.  Becky's favorite was the Suave Strawberry shampoo and conditioner.  (This was the 80's) and Kim who always had the more expensive taste, her shampoo of choice was Silkience.  Boy, I knew Kim would freak out if I used her shampoo! 

I could pretty much use anything, but in High School (after I started coloring my hair) I liked to use Aussie (that is what the rich popular girls used, and while I wasn't popular - using my income from my job to splurge on a bottle of shampoo was doable).

As I got older and colored my hair more and more damaged (I'm talking bleaching 5 times in one day to get the purple out so I could dye it green then falling out in chunks damage) I needed to use 'Salon' products, Biolage, Paul Mitchell and the like. 

I stopped coloring my hair 'crazy colors' in 1997, and stopped coloring it all together in 2001 (no gray yet, so I'll enjoy my natural color as long as I can)  If you didn't know me you'd have no clue how badly damaged my hair was.

I still liked to save money so I would buy whatever 'good' drugstore shampoo was on sale. (SunSilk, Herbal Essence)  After I stopped working and we lost an income, then had a baby I needed to save every penny possible.  I generally buy the 32 oz Suave Professionals for $3.  It really does work pretty good. 

Yesterday I was in Big Lots and needed shampoo.  They had a 33+ oz bottle of (Kim's old expensive favorite from the 80's) Silkience for $2!  I grabbed it, excited to try it!

In the shower this morning as I squeezed it into my palm, I noticed how "watery" it felt, and as I massaged it into my scalp it didn't suds up like I'm used to.  I'm sure my hair is clean, but I don't use any other products, and I didn't like the way my hair felt while I was rinsing it out.  I'm not going to be wasteful, so I'll finish it up, but I am not happy with the perfomance especially from what used to be an "Expensive" shampoo!

What is more important to you when it comes to shampoo?  Frugality, or results?


  1. Results!! My mom used to buy the cheap stuff for us too, but then when I started making my own money I started buying my own shampoo and discovered how much better the more pricey stuff works. I used to buy Tresemme for a while, because it came in a big bottle for like $5 and would last me forever. Now I started using Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship (for long hair) and it comes with a little less than Tresemme for about the same price, but it works really good and smells good, too.

    I won't spend a ridiculous amount of money on hair products, but I think it's wise to spend money on quality when it's something important like shampoo.

  2. I use Dr Bronners 18-1 . You can use it in the washing machine, for dishes, for cloth diapers and for your hair. It is initially very expensive but when you figure how much you have to dilute the product (one oz of product to 15 oz water) it really is not that expensive