Monday, March 29, 2010

Today PLUS New Search and Win Site

In the mail today I received:

  • my $10 Cracker Barrel Gift Card from mypoints
  • a coupon for a free AXE detailer. The commercial was somewhat risque, I earned Swagbucks for watching it, and it is a shower gel scrubby for men

Just after midnight I cashed out for a FREE $5 Amazon Gift Card from Crown GPT

And $1.09 to Paypal from Points4rewards

I also joined another "search and win" site iRazoo (Swagbucks is still my number one fave) however on iRazoo you can NOT oversearch so there is no fear of being deactivated. When you search you may get a pop up saying you won 75 points. MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL DOWN TO ENTER THE CAPTCHA!!!! I lost 75 points on Saturday. Whoops. My friend who referred me says she searches in the AM til she wins, and then logs back on in the evening and searches until she wins. The night she referred me I saw her on the recent winners list that she had won a $5 Amazon Card. She had no clue! LOL SO it's not just points, you can win prizes too.

Winn Dixie has 64 oz bottles of Juicy Juice, Buy One Get One Free. There is a $1 Printable Coupon, so we got 1 bottle of apple juice, and one bottle of grape juice for $2.48. Cool.

Do you subscribe to Deal Wise Mommy? I began following her on FB a couple weeks back and she has great freebies and giveaways. Her blog is a great resource to avail yourself. Check her out. Tell her I sent you!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got my new phone on Tuesday (the one I bought from Amazon for 1 cent) I am loving it so far! I did not want an iPhone or Blackberry (mainly because I am "chugal" and was not willing to pay for the smartphone data plan) I got the Pantech Impact. It is pink, has a touch pad on the outside, clam shell open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard, 2 megapixel camera, Opera Browser, I can access my email, facebook, and Twitter. (because we are on the family talk plan unlimited text, picture, video and data for my phone is only $10) Oh, it also makes phone calls. :) I am still learning it, but so far so good!

Lydia's pedidped shoes that I ordered from Amazon (FOR FREE - via Swagbucks) are on their way. I already got my micro SD card to put in my phone (also free from Amazon with the cards I earned from Swagbucks) If you're not doing swagbucks, may I ask why? If you're thinking about it, sign up here. I will answer any questions I can, and If I don't know the answer, I will direct you to someone who does.

Happy hunting today! Any bargains lately? Got a sweet tooth? Walgreens has most single packs of m&m mars candies for 49 cents this week! (m&m's, twix, milky way, skittles, starburst...) I have yet to take advantage of it, but I have a $3 Register reward burning a hole in my pocket and that time of the month is approaching. I might need to buy them for an emergency. lol

Monday, March 22, 2010

We had a little crisis in the beginning of February, and I lapsed off. Needless to say my lapse lasted over a month. Sorry.

I got close to $50 in Amazon Cards from Swagbucks
A coupon for a free Jar of Pace Salsa
A bunch of coupons for Free Nestle Crunch Bars
A $10 Cracker Barrel gift card from mypoints
my free uniball super pen......

I guess my challenge failed. sorry guys.

I've been doing points4rewards it seems Crown GPT crashed and burned. P4R is similar. I've been earning about $2 a day which will go toward the credit cards I have. Kohl's is paid off, I still have Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug and Visa. If I send Visa my minimum payment, it will take 24 years to pay off. If I send them $23 more a month, I can pay it off in 3 years. Problem is, I don't even earn the minimum payment. Somehow I manage to scrape it together (barely).