Friday, February 11, 2011

Crazy Day

Went to Lydia's playgroup today.  It was better than I'd expected.  She got to make a valentine for her daddy.

Used my Free Starbucks Gift Card from mypoints to get a Trenta Iced Coffee with 2% milk and a pump of caramel.  (YUM)

Ran to Target to use a few coupons.  B1G1 Popchips, B1G1 Nestle Quik and I had a Target Q as well as a mfr Q for Glade room air Freshener.  Lydia also got her Daddy a Valentine.  (shh)

On the way to the car Fred called, he wanted to know if we still had AAA.  He was stuck in the sand at the beach.  (hoo boy)  I have basic where you only get 3 calls a year for free.  I'd need to be with the car since I am the card holder.  I needed to put some gas in the car to get to the beach.  I was on my way to the gas station when he called and said that some guy stopped, he lived around the corner and had chains and was going to try to help him out.  Hold off on calling AAA.

Went to Walmart to use the $9 in my paypal account to get gas and used my free Red Strike Energy Drink and Free m&m's coupon.  Fred called - he was out of the sand (YAY)

Ran up to the bread outlet to get muffin mix.  (I usually make muffins for breakfast on Saturday Morning and was out of mix)  I got a package of whole wheat sandwich rounds day old for $.50.

Came home and the mail was here.  I received my Free nice & easy hair foam coupon from Facebook (good up to $13.99) I haven't dyed my hair in almost 8 years, but the grey will arrive soon.  lol

I then arrived to THREE packages from Amazon at my door!
Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, Size 5 (27+ Lbs), Economy Plus Pack, 156 DiapersLife Light UpVeggieTales - The Ballad of Little Joe

I'd ordered the diapers last week, The DVD was a replacement for one Lydia had scratched beyond belief, and I won the CD in a giveaway from A Slightly Better Wife I can not wait to listen to it!

Lydia is cuddling on the couch with Dressy Bessy right now.  Hopefully we'll make it to church tonight, we're trying to get involved with Teen Night.

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