Monday, June 13, 2011


I've felt pretty icky since we came back from NY.  I got my thyroid medicine on May 22nd, so I "felt" like I was getting better.

June 11th at about 2AM, my heart started racing.  I waited for it to subside.  By 2:30 Saturday afternoon it was still racing, I knew I needed to seek medical attention.  I didn't "think" I was having a heart attack, but who ever does?

My blood pressure was 114/87 which wasn't terrible, my heart rate was 88 that's good too.  BUT, my heart was racing, and there needs to be a reason, right?  They did an EKG, also with normal results.  The doctor asked, "Are you depressed?  Are you thinking of killing yourself or someone else?"  UH, "No!"

The did some blood work and a chest x-ray.  Well, turns out I have pneumonia, and dangerously low hemoglobin.  So, I got an antibiotic and am being referred to a hematologist.

I have not had the $$ or strength to get many bargains lately, but I DID get these from Amazon (FREE from Swagbucks) SIGN UP HERE 

I love them, because they don't stain.  Even with red sauce!

Lydia also needed diapers, and CVS had a box for 19.99 (I had $5 Extra Care Bucks going in, and got $4 with the purchase)

The coupon I am most excited about is one that was offered on Facebook from Claussen.  $2 off a jar!  WOO HOO!  I love my pickles!

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