Friday, January 28, 2011


So yesterday was the grand opening of the local hhgregg store.  Ribbon cutting was at 2:45, opening was 3PM.

This was just after 2:30.

Since Lydia broke my digital camera,  I was there to snag this:
It was $29.99!!!  What a deal! They also had a drawing for some Frigidaire appliances (grand prize) and a Magellan GPS (first prize) will be drawn next week, but also had an instant prize.  Several people in front of me got $25 hhgregg gift cards, stainless steel water bottles - I got a set of pink ear buds (hey, they were free) and they gave Lydia a stuffed Serta sheep. 

I bought it and went to CVS to get Cokes for 5 12 packs for $15 with $5 ECB in return which I put toward a 10 pack of Duracell AAA batteries for $5.99.  (for my new digital camera)

Came home and popped some batteries into my new too good to be true digital camera - who reads instructions? - and went to town testing it out. No flash.  ugh!  How do you capture the moments in the life of a 2 year old with no flash?  So I'm going to bring the camera back today.

Matt and Jeani came over for Pizza and fellowship last night.

I also plan to go to Publix with my coupon for up to $3.99 off NY Style snack food (bagel chips perhaps?)  mmm.  Maybe I'll stop at Starbucks too since I got my giftcard from mypoints the other day. 

Surprise party to attend tonight, does anyone have a great Chuck Norris joke?  We're supposed to bring one with the youth pastor substituted for Chuck. 

Have a great day everyone!  Looking forward to more goodies today!  lol

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