Monday, April 11, 2011

Decent Bargain Day!

I got the coupon for the Free Full Sized Essence of Beauty Antibacterial Product at CVS from CVS Beauty Club on Facebook

I also got the coupon for Free (up to $2) individual Beverage or Candy from CVS on Twitter.  (They release things specially to their Twitter followers from time to time)

When I went to get the mail I had an envelope with a RAOK from a couponing friend she made me an 8x10 sheet of return address labels.  It was a simple gesture, but truly delighted me and made me think of this blog.

I also had an envelope from my father with 3 survival bracelets in it.  (my nephew is in MO in Army Basic Training, any my father has been making them for my nephew and his buddies)

There was an issue of Reader's Digest Magazine. (a gift subscription from my parents)

From Amazon I had this:

Which I got for FREE using my Swagbucks <<<<<----------- Seriously, if you are not a member, sign up at this link.  I've earned over $500 worth of stuff for FREE.

When I got to CVS I bought:
  • 2 4 pack AAA Batteries B1G1 (needed some for the puzzle) $3.99
  • A Gallon of milk $3.19
  • 8.5 oz bottle of Essence of Beauty Coconut Citrus Hand Soap $3.89
  • 20 oz Diet Sunkist (I was thirsty) $1.69
  • tub of 72 CVS Baby Wipes $2.77
  • and 16 oz of bubbles (made in the USA) the Speech Therapist said blowing bubbles will help Lydia with her oral motor skills $1.99
I had $2 ECB from the previous quarter, I had a coupon from the red machine for $2 off CVS baby wipes, The twitter coupon took $2 off the soda, and other coupon $3.89 off the soap.  I paid $8.xx and got $1.99 ECB back for the Bubbles (through tomorrow only, after Tuesday they are only 25% off)  I also scanned my green bag tag, so I am 25 cents closer to my next coupon.

Then since Fred had the same coupons from his card I bought:
  • 6 oz Gold Emblem Gummy Bears (Lydia's new fave treat)
  • 8.75 Essence of Beauty Pomegranate Apple Antibacterial hand gel
  • and a bag of pretzel sticks from a clearance shelf
I didn't pay a penny out of pocket on this trip.

Lydia's new word for today was erhm "booger"  haha (I'll take it!)

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