Saturday, August 28, 2010


Wednesday we went to the Ortho for a follow up for Fred, turns out it is NOT gout.  They basically wanted him to just "wait" and see if the swelling went down and the pain went away.  Fred persisted and they sent him to an infectious disease Dr.  While giving her the short history, she said, "I know exactly what it is!"  Then she back pedaled a second and said, "Well, it absolutely sounds like Reiter's Disease".  I want to send you to a Rheumetologist.  Thankfully the Rheumetologist was able to see us that day and we went there.  He concurred with the infectious disease doc, and gave Fred 2 weeks of Prednisone and a Month of Doxycycline and ordered several labs.

Thursday he had some improvement and we went to Bible Institute.  After 4 hours there, in the car on the way home he began complaining that the knee was hot, and the foot was swollen again.  No sleep Thursday night.  Friday morning we all dozed on the couch from about 9AM to 11AM then we called the Rheumetologist again.  They were able to fit us in at 2:30.  They did ultrasounds of his knee ankle and foot.  Almost every joint in the foot was surrounded in fluid.  They drew another substantial amount of Mountain Dew colored synovial fluid from his knee again, bumped up the prednisone, sent him for more lab work.  He was advised to stay off it for the weekend.

He is getting discouraged, fearing never being the same again.  Still waiting on the results of Wednesday's lab work.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saturday Fred woke up and he was limping, as the day went on it got progressively worse.  Near 9PM he could barely move.  We went to the ER.  The ER doc diagnosed it as a sprained foot, with a "possible" stress fracture.

We went to CVS to fill his Lortab (and I was able to use a coupon for a Free $10 gift card with new or transferred prescription from Target - did you know CVS accepts competitors Pharmacy coupons?  Now you do)

Sunday we stayed in in the AM, we went to church in the afternoon for Fred's Bible Institute, but he was in so much pain that we left before the evening service.  Pain got worse, foot began to swell, knee too.

Monday follow up with ortho.  Absolutely NO broken bones.  They drew a significant amount of cloudy yellow synovial fluid from his knee, sent us to the hospital for blood work.  Suspected gout.  Got a script for an NSAID.  Went to Target Pharmacy and just asked if they had any of those coupons hanging around, they did, so I got a $10 gift card there - used it to buy TP we needed.

Fred dozed on and off all day yesterday, and was on the couch from 2 PM to 10 AM today.  He was finally able to bear a little weight on it and hobble to the bathroom.  Dr. called, lab work came back.  It isn't gout.  Not sure what it is.

Fred and Lydia have been switching off every day with leftovers, yesterday he has spaghetti and she had salisbury steak, today he had salisbury steak and she had spaghetti. 

I shipped out a package yesterday of 12 month clothes that I sold on ebay.  I was bummed that I only got $7.99 for it, but it's more than I had!  :)

Still earning Amazon GC's on Swagbucks and Irazoo and "buying" stuff we need.  Thankful for the ability!

Hopefully Fred will be feeling well enough to make it to Bible Institute tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Like ebay? You'll LOVE Listia!

Are you hooked on the excitement of the auction?  Waiting until the end to bid, hoping you'll get it for a low price?

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The points add up!  People auction off all kinds of stuff!  (I myself have not auctioned anything of much value) Just the other day I "auctioned" a winning SoBe lid code.  I started bidding at 0 credits, it went to 116! 

I've won Box Tops For Education, a Dunkin Donuts gift card with a small balance (I think it was $1.92, so I only had to pay 50 cents for a medium iced coffee), I've won codes for my coke rewards, and coupons for free items.

Anything you can find on ebay, you can find on Listia, and all you need to pay is shipping (sometimes not even that!)  Many people offer free shipping!  If you see something you really need, and you don't have enough credits, they are available to buy, but itsn't free better?

Use the Feedback ratings to help improve the community!

Listia recommends you use paypal to pay for shipping.  Check it out! 

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I hope you've been saving your Buy One Get One Free Coupons from the SoBe Flip the Cap promotion!
The SoBe Life Water are BACK on sale this week at CVS for Buy One Get One Free.
CVS policy is CVS pays for the one, and SoBe pays for the other, you simply pay tax.  We've gotten a couple hundred of them.  This is the third time they've been on sale B1G1 since the beginning of July!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

  • Yesterday's mail had 6 coupons for a free 20 oz "sparkling" coke product I went to CVS and got them, because CVS is running a promo when you buy 9 cokes you get one free.
  • Friday I had an envelope from Cracker Barrel that they are discontinuing their "Front Porch Friends" program, but they added $10 to my account.
  • SoBe will be on sale again at CVS B1G1 starting Sunday so make sure you print out your B1G1 coupons from "Flip the Lid" to pay only tax.  (We got 132 last week)
  • Scan your CVS Extra Care Card when you go in to the store.  There should be a coupon for $1 off 2 caliber stationary products.  Caliber composition books are 3 for $2, and pens are 2 packs for $1 so you could either get pens for free, or composition books for cheap.
  • I got 2 loaves of French Bread at Walmart for 90 cents so may use them for dinner, depending on how the hubby is feeling.
  • Have you checked out Irazoo yet?  I am not fond of the search results, but I've already cashed out for 5 FREE Amazon cards with them. 
  • Tomorrow is Freddie's birthday.  I wish I had some extra cash to treat him to dinner (with my free $10 at Cracker Barrel)  Regardless.  God is GOOD!