Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mailbox Goodies

Monday's mail brought me:

  • some box tops for education I won in a Listia Auction
  • OK magazine
  • A coupon for a FREE half gallon of Hood Smart Start Milk
  • A coupon for a FREE non alcoholic Baileys coffee creamer

Tuesday netted me:

  • My FREE 24 pc set of Rubbermaid from Amazon via Swagbucks
  • My FREE 10 pc set of Pyrex from Amazon via Swagbucks
  • Vogue Magazine (still trying to figure out how I got that one)

If you're not using swagbucks yet, what is stopping you? I've got my mother doing it, one of my sisters and several of my friends. It REALLY does work. Click on the above link, sign up, and use swagbucks in place of your favorite search engine (even just a few times a day) - you just may win!

Today I got:

  • My FREE reusable grocery bag from Earthbound Farms

1 comment:

  1. You crack me up! :) I wish I could get a bunch of free stuff!! I signed up, I guess I Just don't use it enough.