Friday, May 21, 2010

Fun Filled Friday

Today in the mailbox was:

  • 39 BTFE that I won from Listia
  • a coupon for $1.00 of Banquet Family Sized Entrees
  • My Free Neil Med Neti Pot

I also won a $5 Amazon Card from a Giveaway that TattooAstronomy hosted last night. It went right into my account toward a new pair of shoes for Lydia.

On the way to Walmart I stopped and used my $1.57 balance on my DD card to get a medium iced coffee (cost me less than 50 cents)

Went to Walmart, picked up a prescription (that I am supposed to take Daily, but haven't filled since January) - Thanks to a secret pal

Got a Banquet entree (regularly $2.28) used my coupon got it for $1.28. I don't usually care for the quality of Banquets meat, but beggars can't be choosers. I have a 5 lb bag of rice and some mixed veggies in the freezer. It should get us at least a couple of meals.

Fred's compensation plan at work just changed too. So.... Sigh.... We MAY be able to qualify for WIC again, so at least Lydia can eat well. I hate that she doesn't get fruit and veggies every day. She at least gets juice on the days that she doesn't get fruit, but still.

I earned $2.45 on points4rewards in the past few days. Sure miss those paid emails, nearly $2 a day!

How was your day? Any goodies in your mailbox?

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