Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick Catch Up

My friend flew in on the 12th, I picked her up at the airport just before midnight.  Came home and stayed up chatting until about 2:30. 

  • Went to bed
  • woke up
  • church
  • lunch
  • came back and talked more
  • back to church for her graduation
  • came home 
  • stayed up talking til the wee hours again
  • woke up
  • coffee
  • headed down to the beach (before the oil got here)
  • Back to the airport for her to catch her flight back to her hubby and girls in Colorado
     That was the 14th and our 5 year anniversary; my parents and sister came on the 16th we went to the beach so Becky could see it this time.
     They left on the 17th, and that night my husband asked if I wanted to go to Ocala to surprise my parents.  Their anniversry was the 18th (44 years) so we crashed that party.  lol
      Went to the airport with them on Saturday to drop Becky off to fly back to NJ.  Came back to my parents, went swimming, Got very little sleep (Lydia is teething - my 17 month ond now has 16 teeth) woke up Sunday, (Father's day - got to spend some of it with my Daddy) Came home.  (Had Fred's car)  Yesterday my battery was dead!!!  GAAAAA!
    Few mailbox goodies: Pampers wipes $2 off coupons (still on roll back at Walmart for $1.97); Some Box Tops from Listia; Rest of My Amazon Order.

   What's been going on with y'all?

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