Friday, June 11, 2010

Busy Busy

No Mail for me yesterday (except an anniversary card - our 5 year wedding Anniversary is Monday)
No mail for me today!  Boo!
Not feeling the love Mr. Postman!

I did get two new referrals on Swagbucks though this week.  (lets hope they are active!)

My friend Renee is flying in tomorrow at 11PM, (I know her from Xanga - we've been "friends" nearly 5 years)  She is graduating from Bible College on Sunday, and flying back home at Noon on Monday, It will be super exciting to meet her in person though!

Then, my sister Becky flew in to Ocala (where my parents live) today and they will be coming on Thursday!  So excited!

I DID use my Starbucks giftcard today and treated myself to a caramel frappuchino.  (hey, I DID have caffeine today... hmmm wonder why the awful headache then)  Oh well. 

Lydia learned to drink from a straw today, too cute! 

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