Monday, March 22, 2010

We had a little crisis in the beginning of February, and I lapsed off. Needless to say my lapse lasted over a month. Sorry.

I got close to $50 in Amazon Cards from Swagbucks
A coupon for a free Jar of Pace Salsa
A bunch of coupons for Free Nestle Crunch Bars
A $10 Cracker Barrel gift card from mypoints
my free uniball super pen......

I guess my challenge failed. sorry guys.

I've been doing points4rewards it seems Crown GPT crashed and burned. P4R is similar. I've been earning about $2 a day which will go toward the credit cards I have. Kohl's is paid off, I still have Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug and Visa. If I send Visa my minimum payment, it will take 24 years to pay off. If I send them $23 more a month, I can pay it off in 3 years. Problem is, I don't even earn the minimum payment. Somehow I manage to scrape it together (barely).

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