Monday, February 1, 2010

February Freebies

February 1st, just after midnight I cashed out another $5 to my paypal account from crown GPT. I can't believe how quickly it adds up! I am keeping at it while it's still good. Anybody remember Beenz, and epinions? Epinions is still around, but back in the day I could get a $100 check in days. Sigh. Good times with the dot coms. :)

February 1, I also snagged a $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks.
February 3, I cashed out for a $5 Amazon GC from Crown GPT.
February 5, I recieved not one but TWO coupons in the mail for FREE Golden Double Stuffed Oreos! MMMM

I am thisclose to ordering my new set of dishes (for free) from Amazon via crown and swagbucks. Sign up if you're not already a member! (please use my links in this post)

Oh! Also search for Louisiana Gold on Facebook, become a fan and if the Saints win the Superbowl, you'll get a coupon for a free bottle of Louisiana Gold Hot Sauce!

Also on Facebook become a fan of Incredible Edible Egg and get a coupon for Buy one dozen get one dozen eggs FREE!

February 12th, I cashed out for $7.89 from Crown GPT
February 13th, I ordered another $5 Amazon Gift Card Thru Swagbucks (I ordered my plates yesterday and they were already shipped)
February 18th, I ordered another $5 Amazon Gift Card Thru Swagbucks
February 18th, I got my first of many coupons for a Free Nestle Crunch Bar from the Nestle Crunch Challenge on Facebook!

Edit, today February 5th I cashed out another 45 Swagbucks for a $5 Amazon Card. When they are posted to the account on the 16th, I will be able to order my FREE set of dishes with FREE shipping! Thanks Swagbucks!

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