Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Data


Have you tried Youdata? It is an innovative marketing strategy. How many times have you seen ads that have NOTHING to do with anything you care about? Quite a bit, right? Youdata actually PAYS you to view ads that are associated with things that interest YOU! It is geared to YOU and your likes! Amazing huh? I've been using Youdata since May. It is great, you have a "mefile" which you answer as much or as little as you like so they can pinpoint what ads will appeal to you. You will NOT get rich with youdata. But hey, why not get paid, for paying attention?

To sign up you need:
  • a paypal account. (They pay out every week on Fridays)
  • the ability to recieve One and only one text message on your cell phone. (this is for account verification)

Like I said, you won't get rich, but in these days, every penny counts, right? I've made probably close to $30 since May. Won't you click on my referral link and sign up? Youdata.com/join/mrsknapp I promise you won't be sorry.

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