Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frann's Daughter

My Mother (Frann) was thrifty. As a child we referred to her in the alliterave as "Frugal Frann". It always had a negative connotation. My sister Kim (the first to drive and therefore the first to be sent on errands) was mortified if my mother gave her coupons to use at the supermarket.

Now that we are older (and wiser) we too coupon, and refund and make the most of our bucks. Here is my blog dedicated to rewards/coupons/incentives.

My sister kim is now one of those people who will get $300 worth of stuff and have them pay her to take it. (I may be exaggerating, but only slightly)

I am Stacey a SAHM of a 9 month old daughter living in the FL panhandle. Welcome.

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