Sunday, August 15, 2010


I hope you've been saving your Buy One Get One Free Coupons from the SoBe Flip the Cap promotion!
The SoBe Life Water are BACK on sale this week at CVS for Buy One Get One Free.
CVS policy is CVS pays for the one, and SoBe pays for the other, you simply pay tax.  We've gotten a couple hundred of them.  This is the third time they've been on sale B1G1 since the beginning of July!

Speaking of FREE, seriously, have you checked out Swagbucks ?  WHY NOT?  I've gotten hundreds of dollars of stuff FREE from Amazon via Swagbucks, including:

Seriously, Free shipping and all!  Use Swagbucks instead of Google as your search engine.  (it is powered by Google and - you'll get decent results) and every so often you might win Swag Bucks -  The premier digital dollar. 

450 Swag Bucks will net you a $5 Amazon Gift Card and Many, Many Things on Amazon are offered with Free Super Saver Shipping when you spend over $25.

Only planning on spending 22?  Don't want to lose out on the free shipping?  Check out .  Type in how much you need to spend, and it will pull up every item that Amazon offers at and near that price that offers Free Super Saver Shipping.  It really is a Win-Win situation.

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