Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Like ebay? You'll LOVE Listia!

Are you hooked on the excitement of the auction?  Waiting until the end to bid, hoping you'll get it for a low price?

Listia is your answer.  Bidding won't cost you one red cent!  You bid using credits.  Sign up here and get 50 credits!  You'll also get points if you link to your Facebook account,  and Twitter account.  Periodically you will have a pop up saying, "Get 10 credits for sharing this auction on facebook" or "Get 3 credits for sharing this auction on twitter".  Sometimes you'll earn credits just for bidding!

The points add up!  People auction off all kinds of stuff!  (I myself have not auctioned anything of much value) Just the other day I "auctioned" a winning SoBe lid code.  I started bidding at 0 credits, it went to 116! 

I've won Box Tops For Education, a Dunkin Donuts gift card with a small balance (I think it was $1.92, so I only had to pay 50 cents for a medium iced coffee), I've won codes for my coke rewards, and coupons for free items.

Anything you can find on ebay, you can find on Listia, and all you need to pay is shipping (sometimes not even that!)  Many people offer free shipping!  If you see something you really need, and you don't have enough credits, they are available to buy, but itsn't free better?

Use the Feedback ratings to help improve the community!

Listia recommends you use paypal to pay for shipping.  Check it out! 

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