Saturday, April 17, 2010

This week

I found out on Tuesday that CVS was printing out coupons (when you scanned your extra care card) for $1.00 off any CVS paper product, and $1.00 off any CVS skin care product. I scanned my card and Fred's card and used mine and got 2 rolls of CVS brand TP (on sale 2 for $1 = FREE).

My parents came into town on Wednesday, and their hotel is right near one of the CVS's. They stopped on Thursday AM on their way over and scanned my Dad's card and got the coupons. (Mom left her card home) We went to CVS I scanned Fred's and my card and got the same coupons again. We did it each day and today (end of sale) ended up with 22 Free rolls of TP, 3 Free trial size cocoa butter lotions, 3 Free cocoa butter sticks and 3 full sized bottles of CVS body wash that we paid 99 cents each for.

I also got in the mail my coupon for Free Sunchips and a coupon for Free Beech Nut Let's Grow product. (Lydia loves the yogurt nibblers) We used that coupon at Walmart yesterday and some of the Beech Nut products were on roll back. The Banana cookies were $1.35. I had a coupon also for $1.00 off so I got those for 35 cents. I cashed out over $6 to paypal from P4R and Youdata. I am waiting on 3 of my 4 $5 Amazon Gift Cards from Swagbucks and 1 $5 Amazon Card from Irazoo as well as a $5 Paypal GC I ordered from swagbucks last month when they were on sale. I've also earned 77 cents this week from beruby. When you have $10 you can cash out to paypal. If you're not a member of these sites already please click above if you're interested in joining. Those have my referral links. Any questions you might have on how the programs work, feel free to ask!

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