Sunday, April 15, 2012


My friend Christi introduced me to Viggle.  It is an iPhone/iPad app that rewards you for "checking in" to what you're watching on TV as well as watching ads.  In the past 3 days I have gotten 2 CVS gift cards from it.  It is pretty passive.  You turn on the TV, activate the app and click "check in" it is that easy!  They have different rewards, Chili's, Target, B&N, Starbucks - but I can get more bang for my buck with CVS! 

If you're interested, can I send you an invite?  I earn 200 points for every friend that signs up!

I just went to CVS and bought some pain killer that was $8.49 and then you got $8.49 ECB back, then I turned around and used the ECB and the remainder of my gift certificate to get 12 rolls of Scott Toilet Tissue, a stick of Almay deodorant, and a pack of gum.  

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