Sunday, February 5, 2012


I lost my digital camera.  It wasn't anything fancy.  A Canon powershot that took pretty good video.  I had 6 months of pictures on the SD card.  :(  Including Lydia's 3rd Birthday.  I have NO idea where it could be. 

My parents and my sister came for a visit on January 27th.  My sister french braided my hair, I took a picture of said hair and tried to upload it to Facebook, but Facebook was being wonky.  That is the last time I saw the camera.

I've looked in and under the recliners, in Lyd's toybox, box of books, and totes of clothes.  In and under every piece of furniture, in every cabinet and drawer.  Heck!  I even looked in the fridge and the freezer.  I'm sad because of the memories on that card.  :(

Still praying it somehow turns up!

Edit... My wonderful hubby just bought me this:

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