Saturday, December 12, 2009

More ear infection

So, on the 10th Lydia woke up all boogery, so I called her doctor, we got her in and turns out SHE has an ear infection too! Poor baby. So back to Publix for free antibiotics! Sigh.

I had gotten a coupon in the mail for target for $5 off $25 worth of baby products, we needed diapers, but I know walmart has the big boxes cheaper, so I sat down to see what else I needed. Jumbo packs of diapers were on sale for $8.99. She needed Allergy medicine (Childrens Zyrtec or the Store Brand) We can always use wipes, and ointment. So I got:
  • 2 jumbo packs of pampers for $8.99 each
  • 1 - 4 oz tube A+D ointment $3.84
  • 1 pack of 77 pampers wipes $2.77
  • 1 4 oz Childrens Zyrtec $9.84

Subtotal $34.43 + tax

  • -$5 baby products coupon
  • - $2 off Pampers jumbo pack (target coupon)
  • -$1.50 off Pampers jumbo pack (mfr coupon)
  • -$2 off A+D ointment (target coupon)
  • -$1 off Pampers Wipes (target coupon)
  • -$3 off Children's Zyrtec (mfr coupon)

New Total $19.93 + tax

Not my best work, but certainly not the worst.

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