Friday, November 13, 2009

Chocolate fruit, Youdata and Swagbucks OH MY!

I am going to pick up my free 6-box of chocolate dipped fruit from edible arrangements that I got from becoming a fan of them on facebook. I wish I could have chosen the fruit because the bananas are too delicious!!! YUMMY

Lydia is down for a nap right now, when she gets up we will head out. Youdata will make your paypal deposit today (I'm only looking at 14 cents, but hey, it's 14 cents more than nothing!) SIGN UP HERE IF YOU'RE NOT ALREADY A MEMBER

I am currently at 54 swagbucks in just over a week, thanks to my 3 newest referrals! They are more active than the other 7 combined. SIGN UP FOR SWAGBUCKS HERE. In less than a week I earned a $5 Amazon gift card.

Hopefully my coke edocard will arrive today. (I sure can use that money)

And I have enough points to cash in mypoints for a cvs giftcard. I am just waiting to hear back about the 5000 points for taking advantage of the netquote offer then I can get more than one! (If you're not a member of mypoints send me a message and I'll invite you - I've been doing that site for over 10 years)

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